May 272013

The Children for Peace is proud to be Special Sponsor of the Waunana tribe in Colombia. These indigenous people have been displace by the internal war and by industry. From a pristine environment where they thrived, they have been displaced. Some now reside in a slum in Bogota, Colombia. A special thank you to Roland Joffè for his kindness, friendship and care for the Waunana. It was he who brought our attention to the plight of the Waunana. The Waunana were filmed in the Palm d’Or winning film, “The Mission (1986), directed by Roland Joffè. Watch the film to see the Waunana.

We are funding medical treatment and education for the children as well as raising funds for their sustenance.
Child of the WaunanaChildren of the WaunanaChild of the WaunanaChildren of the Waunana

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