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Our latest project: A village orchard in Mali

A remote village in an arid setting with no modern technology, the people of Sama have not had water to drink or to grow plants and trees for food. A well has been completed and we are now funding an orchard where they will be able to grow local plants and fruit trees thus providing food for the village. They will also be able to sell some of what they grow in local markets. The children will be able to have enough food to keep hunger away making them more able to study.

Partnering with Mujeres Solidarias from the University of Malaga in Spain, The Children for Peace has jointly been able to construct a clinic, build housing for the clinic staff, drop a well for water, educate the local children and now, with our donors for Mali, we are co-funding the construction of an orchard.

Why Sama?

Sama is a little village in the Dogon Country in Mali. We are working on the development of the village, with special emphasis on the equality of women. We also implement educational programs focused on Aids prevention, genital mutilation, pregnancy follow-up, and vaccination programs.

Mali is the third poorest country in the world, with almost no health system in its rural areas. Sama now has a clinic, staff and staff housing provided by Mujeres Solidarias and The Children for Peace. The clinic and staff also service 8 surrounding villages.

Two Malians from Sama heard about Mujeres Solidarias and approached them asking for help as no other aid agency or organization worked in their village. The village of Sama has such an alarming death rate among newborn babies and mothers, they are afraid they could disappear as ethnic group. The Children for Peace has been providing funding for Sama since 2009 to remedy the severe situaton in Sama, including educating the children.

About Sama

The village of Sama is situated in the province of Bankass, region of Mopti, Dogon Country, Mali.

  • -Average salary in the region: 1 euro per day.
  • -Population in Sama and surroundings: 10,276 persons
  • -Average life rate: 47 years of age.
  • -Average death rate among pregnant women: 577 / 100,000.
  • -Average children death rate: 291 / 1000
  • -Children vaccinated: from 0% & to now 100%
  • -Children Undernourished: 90%
  • -Illiteracy: 87 %
  • -Genital mutilation of girls aged 6 -8: 100 %

The Dogon Country is one of the few places in Africa where local communities were organized around women's committees long before the arrival of foreign aid organizations.

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Véronique de Bourgies' foundation, Zazakely Sambatra, carries on under the guiding hand of her husband, Stephane Bourgies. Véronique lost her life on 13 November 2015 in the Paris attacks but her spirit and dreams live on. We are supporting her efforts to change the lives of the children in Madagascar.

Dreams cannot be extinguished. They live on.

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