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We Build the Future - One Child at a Time

The stepping stones to the future emanate from a proper education.

We work toward securing fundamental human rights for all children regardless of race, color or creed.

Keeping Dreams Alive

Even the poorest children have dreams. Those dreams show in the light of their eyes. We know that a proper education offers them the opportunity to work toward those dreams and break the cycle of poverty.

The Scurge of AIDS

Millions of children are orphaned by AIDS. Homeless, on the streets,left to die or dumped at police stations, these children have the right to smile and to have a proper education. We work tirelessly to provide these orphans with both.

Charity Actions

We currently have projects in Uganda, Ethiopia, Mali, Colombia, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Territories. In each of these areas we work diligenbtly, with oversight, to ensure children are in a proper school working toward university. Our first university graduate was in Ethiopia in 2014. We have constructed a school in Lebanon for Syrian refugee children and we partner with the NGO "Alphabet" to bring these refugees current in their schooling. For more information, visit our projects page here: Projects

Our Mission

Building the Future One Child at a Time

Making the impossible possible.

Going to school in Sama, Mali

Sama is a remote village in Mali with no modern services. School is a key part of the lives of these children.

The Waunana in Colombia

An indigenous tribe on the verge of extinction. Forced from their ancestoral lands, the Waunana now live in slums in Bogota. We help fund education for the young members of this tribe.

We Do A Lot But We Need Your Help

Make the Impossible Possible

Featured Project

Véronique de Bourgies' foundation, Zazakely Sambatra, carries on under the guiding hand of her husband, Stephane Bourgies. Véronique lost her life on 13 November 2015 in the Paris attacks but her spirit and dreams live on. We are supporting her efforts to change the lives of the children in Madagascar.

Dreams cannot be extinguished. They live on.

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News & Events

The Magic of Dreams

12 April 2016 - Paris

Making dreams reality. Our gala in Paris for Véronique de Bourgies and her children of Madagascar was a magical evening resulting in funding for some of her projects. Her presence, love and hopes for the children live on.

Rome 2015

Phenomenal Success!

We are now able to expand into India and add to our activities in Uganda and Mali. Our deepest appreciation to Anastacia for her presence.


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